National Instruments

In partnership with National Instruments (NI) in the ASEAN region, WPGSYS provides complete solution based on NI hardware and customized high quality software as well as on electronic and embedded hardware devices.

NI is currently the world’s leading software and hardware provider with an extensive collection of services and support solutions from planning and development phases through deployment and maintenance.

Graphical System Design

NI has a graphical system design approach, Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) for test, control, and embedded design meets this need by provided a unified platform for designing, prototyping, and deploying applications.


Certified Engineers

Most of the engineers in WPGSYS are certified by LabVIEW, which help to integrate real-world signals sooner for earlier error detection, reuse code for maximum efficiency, benefit immediately from advances in computing technology, and optimize system performance in a way that out spaces traditional design methodologies.

It is the program to create truly-intelligent solution that reduces time to market, optimal system scalability, quick design iteration, increase performance at lowest costs.

We utilize the worldwide recognize technology from National Instruments (NI) and the graphical programming language for virtual instrumentation, LabVIEW.